Why Women should Belly Dance

Why Women should Belly Dance

Belly dance is for most an out of reach world

The thing about it is that not too many women accomplish this. Belly dance is for most an out of reach world which borders on the exotic and exclusive. Honestly much too many women are exempted from this world either by lack of knowledge or lack of exposure. Therefore they do not even fathom the idea of belly dancing being part of their lives.

Because of this, many miss out on this wonderful dance and never enjoy the emotional and physical benefits which belly dancing can bring into their lives. Unfortunately many Bellydance books do not address the preliminary issues which may discourage someone from even giving belly dance a try. These books focus mostly on technique, which although important, is useless to someone who is not actively seeking what they are offering. Someone has to first WANT to do something before they can learn how to do it.

A lot of the time the hardest part is not the learning process, but acquiring the actual desire and interest in the thing we may later want to learn. We often have a million and one reasons to not do something, and the one reason we should do it, gets lost in the avalanche of those million & one reasons.

Jumping right into Belly dance

But jumping right in is the only way you begin to truly understand the dance. And because it’s such a feminine dance, for women it comes to them more naturally than they would expect. Essentially, Belly dance is a fun exercise which engages you on all levels-body, mind, and soul. When you welcome belly dance into your life, you are welcoming something which can enhance you in so many ways.

Belly dance is certainly an alternate mode of exercise and wellbeing

Although you may not have considered it before, Bellydance is certainly an alternate mode of exercise and wellbeing to consider. There are very few things left in the world that are truly feminine. All aspects of our lives seem to be infiltrated with blatant male influences. Belly Dancing is one of the few things in existence which really embraces us as women. This is a great comfort and should be reason enough for us to welcome this wonderful dance form in our lives.

Belly Dance-Freedom

Belly Dance offers a remarkable level of freedom from any constraints you may be feeling from your current exercise plan. It is also a natural, soulful fit for women and can be an exciting way to rejuvenate your fitness and emotional health.

Belly Dancing – Origin, Health Benefits and Costume Styles

Belly Dancing – Origin, Health Benefits and Costume Styles

Belly Dancing has been around for centuries, but it is not for sure, as to where it originated. It still remains a mystery regarding the origin of Belly Dance but according to many beliefs it started amongst the Arab and African nations. Originally it was known as Oriental Dance. In Arabic it is known as raqs sharqi which is translated as dance of the east or dance of the orient. However, the roots of its origin traces back to various places such as the African tribes, Greek temple priestesses, Incas of South America as well as the Egyptian Pharaohs. As- of- now it has a global presence and is being performed throughout the world. It is being widely being shown in pop culture music as well as in performance shows in Vegas and other cities. Even though there are various forms of dances dating back to the ancient times, but belly dancing is regarded as one of the oldest and is considered more as a work of art than a dance.


Health Benefits
Lots of people around the world, who are new to this form of dancing like to know, is there are any sort of health benefits in belly dancing. The answer to this question is, any type of physical exercise, be it in the form of dancing, workout or training is bound to have some sort of health benefits. According to the experts, it provides a great deal of both physical and mental relief. By doing the basic belly dance steps, your body gets a good cardio-vascular workout, due to which your muscles get strengthened and the overall flexibility of your body increases. It is not only good for the young people, but also for the old as well. However, if you intend to start it, you must first consult a doctor. There are various types of belly dances and which form will be best suited for you can be known from your instructor. When it comes to the mental health benefits associated with it, it helps in improving the sense of well being, keeps the body in shape which in itself one of the best mental booster and helps in creating a positive outlook.


Different Styles of Costumes
There are many different styles of belly dance costumes available on the market. Each of these costumes is considered to be a part of the fun associated with it. The modern cabaret style costume is regarded as the most widely used and featured style. It consists of numerous variations such as a skirt fitted on the hip and running down till the floor, a hip belt as well as a bra top featuring some sort of decorations or jewels. Another popular style is the Tribal Belly Dance costume featuring various layers of heavy ethnic material as well as similar style of jewelry for providing a cultural or Gypsy appearance. For the beginners, there are simple styles of costumes that can be worn during practice but they also feature the Middle Eastern folkloric elements for providing an authentic look. These are only a few of them, if you want to know more about the various styles of costumes, consider using the internet as well as visit specialized stores having a vast collection of such types of garments.



Belly Dancing – Origin, Health Benefits and Costume Styles

The Health Benefits of Belly Dancing

Belly dancing has emerged as one of the hot new workout trends in recent years, according to the American Council on Exercise. Experts say a single belly dance session works hundreds of muscles, burns calories and reduces stress.

Belly Dancing is more than just a workout; it enhances wellness as it combines the use of mind, body and spirit. It improves balance, concentration, posture and flexibility. Belly dance students have the ability to experience more graceful, coordinated movement, increased energy and quicker reflexes.

The art of belly dancing gives the student an opportunity to express themself creatively. Unlike other dance forms where the dancers must look and perform exaclty alike, belly dance celebrates individuality and allows the dancer her own interpretation of the dance form. It also gives the student an opportunity to add some flare to their workout-wear. What other workout allows you the opportunity to dress up in beautifully ornate coin belts and shimmy your hips to an exotic rhythm?

Belly Dance classes give women an outlet for creative expression, self discovery and dance movement. Lessons are designed to stretch and exercise the physical body, challenge and uplift and mental body and to cultivate and express the spiritual body. When it comes to Middle Eastern Dance, it doesn’t matter what size you are, what age you are, or your level of fitness. It is a form of dance that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Belly Dance is excellent for women who are looking for a more exotic method of exercise, who want to learn new ways to move and express themselves, and those looking for an exercise regimen that focuses on mind-body-spirit integration through dance.

Saeeda lives in a world of dance imageryand all her free time she spends on self-improvement.In this she is actively supported, encouraged and mentored by famous dancers, great masters, choreographers and teachers, such as Hossam and Serena ramzy, Fifi Abdou, Randa Kamel, Jillina, Aziza, Sadie, Ansuya, Leyla Jouvana, Khaled Makhmoud, Ozgen and Akaysha.

Saeeda is a gifted teacher, who teaches this dance to people of all ages and body types. She can explain the fundamentals of the dance in words of one syllable and teach in a short period magnificent oriental dance. Learning this dance, making it your partner in life, you will forget the way to doctors, dieticians, and various would-be, self-constituted fitness “gurus”.