Belly Dancing in Modern Egypt

Belly Dancing in Modern Egypt

Belly dancing has become more and more popular as it has been shown to the entire world through videos and travelling dancers. It seems that everyone wants to learn this exotic dance style. If you would like to see where belly dancing originated you should check out the dancers of Cairo Egypt. From the days of the Pharaohs, it has evolved into the art form we see today Belly Dancing in Modern Egypt.

The world has changed since belly dancing first appeared in Cairo. It was once an important part of Egyptian culture. Today, modern times have made it difficult to find authentic Egyptian belly dancing, but if you look you can still find places where the dance is as authentic as it was centuries ago. If you are planning a trip to Egypt then you should make it a point to find an authentic show.

It might be usual for you to ask your taxi driver or an employee of your hotel. They will most likely send you to Al Haram Street. Here you will find dancers that may not be Egyptian but they are very skilled dancers and can put on quite a show. There has been a great many foreign dancers who have come to Egypt in recent years.

There has been a significant crackdown on the laws regarding shows in Egypt. This explains the amount of foreign dancers who have travelled to Egypt. The dancers from the country have been discouraged by the laws that tell them what kind of costumes they are allowed to wear during their performance.

If you want to find more places in Cairo for an authentic experience you may have to pay a bit more. Five star hotels will typically offer the experience for their guests. The most famous belly dancers in the country will perform at these luxurious hotels. Don’t forget to book the show well in advance and make sure you inquire about the dress code.

The hotels and nightclubs are not the only place to experience an authentic belly dancing show. Check out the ships that offer a night of dinner and entertainment for tourists in Cairo. You will find that it might be a little expensive but it is a good deal for the money. Usually the dinner consists of a sumptuous buffet and the entertainment is outstanding

Whichever way you find to watch some authentic Egyptian dancing you will be sure to enjoy your wonderful night. Take the time to experience this unique and entertaining event.