How to find a Professional Bellydance Teacher in East London.

How to find a Professional Bellydance Teacher in East London.

The hunt for a professional bellydance teacher in East London can be tricky, especially if you are completely new to the bellydance scene. It is, however, important to find the right class and the right teacher for you. Sometimes it may not be easy to find a professional bellydance teacher in East London within easy reach from where you live and whose teaching style is suited to your needs. You can look for ads on the internet, in the local papers or go and check leisure centres, cultural associations and gyms where they may have bellydance classes. Once you found bellydance classes you should decide: What exactly are you looking for? Well, that depends on what you wish to gain from the classes. Ask yourself if your ultimate goal is to perform professionally, to just have fun and learn a few moves, or to find a new way to work out or to just socialise.

In most areas, there are many different types of classes, but whatever your goals, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should make sure that a teacher has some credentials.

Join the class and see what your teacher is made of and ask yourself what is important to you in a teacher. Should she have had a lengthy performing career? Can the teacher teach you? Should she have a warm personality? With the ever growing popularity of bellydancing, many unskilled ‘teachers” call themselves the “professional teachers”. In this case there are several things to keep in mind:

Professional bellydance teacher should be a professional in the business, because her/his main task is not just to teach students how to bellydance, but also to support them and discover their potential, increase their self-esteem and bring bright colours in their lives.

Professional bellydance teacher must use an individual approach to each student, but at the same time work with the whole group. Professional bellydance teachers play a significant role in learning process as they not only teach the basic movements, but also they teach how to feel, hear and use the music and rhythms.